Q. How many points do I have when I sign up for the program?
A. You enter at the Silver Level as soon as you make a purchase, or as soon as you complete your profile and validate your email.
Q. Is there a contract required?
A. There is no contract. You can join or leave at any time. If you do leave the program, your information will be saved for one year before your points total reverts to zero.
Q. What are the Terms & Conditions?
A. View and download the Terms & Conditions here.
Q. Is there a maximum payout amount?
A. There is no maximum payout for the program. However, individual rebates will still have applicable limits.
Q. What is a “new to you” category?
A. “New to you” is a category of products you have not purchased from before.
Q. How can I move up to the next level?
A. You can level up through two methods based on the level you are at.
  • To move from Silver to Gold: Buy from one product category that’s new to you or spend 2,000 points.
  • To move from Gold to Platinum: Buy from two more product categories that are new to you or spend 6,000 points.
Q. How long can I remain in the Gold or Platinum Levels?
A. You can remain in the level indefinitely if you continue to purchase from the “new to you” categories that earned you the level. If you used points to reach the level, you will remain in that level for one calendar year unless you buy from a “new to you” category.
Q. How do I receive cash back?
A. Cash back can be paid via check that will be mailed to you or ACH payment. You can select a payment method on the enrollment form.